How to Build Huge Following on FACEBOOK

1. Offer valuable information (note-worthy, shareworthy) links to other great posts, youtube videos 2. Offer your own content links to your articles/youtube viral images (just an image and a caption)   If yours is worthy among the others, you will do very well.

Selling Ebooks vs Videos (the better info-product moneymaker?)

Some people haven’t decided between the two as a source of income. Here are some comparisons you can make for ebooks vs videos: VIDEOS + cheaper faster to make + can seem more valuable and personal to prospective buyers + can be edited to make a highlight reel – require costly cameras, videos, lighting equipment… Read more Selling Ebooks vs Videos (the better info-product moneymaker?)

Should You Build a Forum?

I used to do that with every website thinking I would somehow magically capitalize on site traffic but it never turned out that way. It turns out I missed one simple detail: ONLY BUILD ONE FORUM! That’s like the golden rule of starting a forum. I got it from reading this: awesome guide for building… Read more Should You Build a Forum? is a Scam

nSphere contacted me in the Fall last year offering some sort of revenue partnership. They offered to take over a subdomain on my website by building a spammy looking directory on “” where they would post regurgitated content from my original site along with ads. They promised to share a certain amount of revenue from… Read more is a Scam

Thesis Theme Review

It’s a great theme and I’m very happy with it. I’m using it on a very large site and enjoy it very much. FYI, I’m using Thesis Theme version 1.8.2. I compare some of the well-known pros and cons of ThesisTheme.