About Johnny

Born in Los Angeles in 1984. Love tech, sports, and dance. Oh, and drinking too! (Beer & Scotch-drinker.)

My tech background:

  • 1991 – played on my first computer at age 7. Messing with DOS and Qbasic.
  • 2004 – started doing IT work professionally. Break-fix & networking for small and even large Fortune 500 companies.
  • 2006 – started messing with web design in Dreamweaver. Eventually found content-management systems (CMS) like Joomla & WordPress.
  • 2007 – became a full-time web-marketing consultant and SEO/PPC specialist.
  • 2008 – graduated from Cal State Northridge with a B.S. in Marketing. Quit the IT world to focus on our company’s web-development services. Also became a full-time blogger.
  • 2009 – began server administration and performance optimization due to success of mine and client websites.
  • 2010 – teamed up with other remote specialists so I wasn’t handling everything myself.
  • 2011 – stopped onboarding new clients so I could focus on personal tech projects.
  • 2012 – moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Definitely enjoyed the tech scene there.
  • 2014 – moved back to Los Angeles and now enjoying co-workspace environments.
  • 2016 – started limiting our web development clients only to high-end projects.
  • 2017 – recruited more talented designers, developers, and admins to our team.
  • 2018 – opened our webhosting service to the public instead of only web-development clients. Also spent lots of my free time helping others on Facebook groups for WordPress, webhosting, or performance-related issues.

My tech skills:

  • web development & online marketing
  • traditional marketing/branding, ad campaigns
  • SEO, PPC (Google Adwords, Facebook ads)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • design UI/UX direction
  • content marketing, SEO, copywriting
  • web server management & speed optimization
  • WordPress design, development, maintenance, and [speed optimization]
  • e-commerce (WooCommerce/Shopify/Magento)
  • Amazon Affiliates, Ebay network
  • newsletter management (Mailchimp, Mailerlite)
  • saving people time & money!


A typical day in my life is like:

Wake up, take care of client websites and servers. Do some writing, get lost in the maze of Youtube. Eat something, maybe go to the gym. Come home, write some more, answer some comments, go to sleep.

…or a typical day of traveling:

Go out to town. See some stuff, take pictures, eat stuff, come home exhausted. Check my email and answer all the comments on my sites.

9 thoughts on “About Johnny

  1. Hey Johnny

    Just dropped onto your site through your signature link from warrior forum.

    I’m literally on a quest to discover online marketing and making money online myself! I basically launched my blog this past week – its basically an online journal to learn how to make money / a marketing blog.

    I found your “How To Make Money With a Blog” quite insightful.

    Am going to bookmark your site and hope to get in contact with you soon.

    Thanks bro.
    Gaisang (from Rustenburg, South Africa)

      1. There are several options for doing this and everyone has his own preferences. I’m still using Feedburner at some sites as it works really great but I know Jetpack has also a module for email subscriptions.

        I’m not sure though what I would choose myself should I reconsider those options, but maybe the FB path is worth exploring – although I never sign in with my FB credentials… But maybe this is mainly useful for posts commenting (like here) and discussion.

        I don’t know whether a plugin exists already but, as a website visitor, I think I would be tempted by a WhatsApp post subscription signup.

        Whatever your choice, the quality of your posts is really worth a subscription module!

  2. Thank you, Johnny, for this extremely insightful blog. Most of the wordpress resources aren’t as well researched, or written. Not to mention those intimidating technical reads, that feel like they have the ability to half my IQ. My background is digital marketing and I run several sites and blog for clients. Your articles are a breath of fresh air and your recommendations have helped me seriously speed up my sites.
    Should you ever start a newsletter (i certainly hope so!) please add me to it.
    Thank you for creating this wonderful blog.
    Have a great day,

    1. Thank you for the comment, Irina! Will keep you in mind. I only don’t have any newsletters as I absolutely hate spamming people. We’re all busy folks!

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