Dealing with Pushback against PAID Memberships

Are your fans/readers angry at your new membership service? Calling you a fraud? Feeling betrayed because your services went from free to paid? Spreading negative sentiment about your true motive? Accusing you of scheming for money? Making you feel guilty about asking for money? My post was inspired by this insightful Facebook group post.

Should You Offer Refunds (Policy) on Digital Products or Services?

NO! I speak from my experience. I started with the most relaxed no-questions-asked polices. And it was so much hassle. Tons of deadbeats taking advantage and doing chargebacks because I didn’t respond in time. (Yes, sometimes they’ll do a chargeback only 30 mins after sending you an email.) When you make thousands of sales, even… Read more Should You Offer Refunds (Policy) on Digital Products or Services?

How to Market a New Blog

Having quality content and at least 2 dozen articles is a good start. 50 is much better. And then if you’re in a broad category, do social media so it can go viral. If you’re in a niche, do SEO and target search engine traffic.

SEO vs Facebook Ads

I like the idea of both. FB ads are a great way to snipe out your target demographic with laser precision quickly and even relatively cheaply if you know what you’re doing. SEO is a great way to get anybody and everyone over the long term. I used to be only about SEO since I’ve… Read more SEO vs Facebook Ads

Testimonials Do Help Sell

You can definitely use testimonials and/or other kinds of social proof. I’ve noticed testimonials will run along 2 different types: The big name – Somebody with a name, CEO of a well-known company or somebody with a high position. The emotional story – Somebody with a great ability to write and articulate and connect with others.

Helpful links for new copywriters

I saw this link posted on WarriorForum and loved it. So many great resources in here. Read this if you really want to get your feet wet in copywriting.

Is SEO worth it anymore?

There have been people saying that SEO isn’t worth it anymore. That it’s too hard to do. It’s hard to rank for smaller websites. That Google algorithms are too unpredictable. Costs so much more time and money than PPC. I’ve been an SEO expert for years and every one of my website benefits highly as… Read more Is SEO worth it anymore?

The Best Copywriting is probably NATURAL

In this day and age, you definitely want natural-sounding copy on your website and other company-branded marketing materials. Sounding too professional might not be the best way to go about it. I totally agree with the original post in this link and enjoyed how he explained it. Here it is: