The FASTEST Lightweight WordPress Themes Review – UPDATED 2018

Why do we want a lightweight theme? Besides getting rid of unnecessary visual clutter, they help your website load super fast which is especially important in today’s ADD society and especially important in today’s rising mobile-browsing trend. Fortunately, this trend has forced all themes today to be written with cleaner and lighter code. NOTE: I’ve… Read more The FASTEST Lightweight WordPress Themes Review – UPDATED 2018

How to Choose a Good WordPress Theme

Ahhh, they keep making WordPress themes more and more complicated! Which one should you choose and which one is the best?!!! What features do you need and what marketing gimmicks should you avoid? There are actually easy ways to tell which themes are good and why.

Icon Font vs SVG – real world performance comparison

I keep hearing this debate over and over. Most of them are back-and-forth arguments about backwards-compatibility, accessibility, developer workflow, sharpness, colors, and other mostly developer-related issues. This happens when you compare apples to oranges. Most web-masters care about speed first, customization second, browser-compatibility/accessibility last. So I’ve simplified it to this:

AVADA vs DIVI vs X Theme – Premium WordPress Theme Framework 2016 Review

AVADA is the clear winner for me. I’ve read reviews on both AVADA, DIVI, and X theme. I installed both AVADA and DIVI and played around for 15 minutes. My experience is mostly with Thesis but I do understand the idea of frameworks. DIVI for me is the weakest choice out of those 3, many… Read more AVADA vs DIVI vs X Theme – Premium WordPress Theme Framework 2016 Review

Popup Domination or Not?

I’ve been an internet marketer for some time and pretty much torn between using Pop-up Dominator or not. Many websites have used it with great success and boosted their email newsletter sign-ups tremendously but still, I resist. PROS of website pop-ups it actually works builds your email list very quickly can help you increase profits… Read more Popup Domination or Not?

Thesis Theme Review

It’s a great theme and I’m very happy with it. I’m using it on a very large site and enjoy it very much. FYI, I’m using Thesis Theme version 1.8.2. I compare some of the well-known pros and cons of ThesisTheme.