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Not fun figuring things out yourself?

I’m a ghost developer for higher-end clients ($10k-$25k projects) but do love helping the little guys. I’ve got 10+ years of experience over a wide range of projects. If you’re looking for expert help or simply want free advice from someone who’s been there before, just ask.

My tech skills:

  • web development & online marketing
  • traditional marketing/branding, ad campaigns
  • SEO, PPC (Google Adwords, Facebook ads)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • design UI/UX direction
  • content marketing, SEO, copywriting
  • web server management & speed optimization
  • WordPress design, development, maintenance, and [speed optimization]
  • E-commerce (WooCommerce/Shopify)
  • Amazon Affiliates, Ebay network
  • Newsletter management (Mailchimp, Mailerlite)
  • saving people time & money!


8 thoughts on “Hire Me

  1. Hey, we are looking to develop a membership/community product likely using WP. We are trying to identify a solid consulting/development shop that will help select the right tools/plugins and develop the product with us. If you have recommendations that would be greatly appreciated

  2. Hello,
    I do not want to hire you but i do want thank you, thanks to you I have solved my problem with swift performance caching, and elementor. 2 simple steps and my site is fast as F1 car and remember all my changes 🙂 before it was giving me headache:) Once againa thank you, and have a great day, week, a year. You help me a lot 🙂

  3. Hi Johnny, you seem to know more about swift performance than anyone else, I’d be interested in a udemy course or youtube instruction on detailed solutions on eliminating redundant scripts and using the plugin organizer. Would you keep me posted if you have a webinar or anything of the sort? Thanks, Robin

  4. Hi, Jhonny
    My name is Johnnata and I’m from Brazil.

    I’m working on a project and have future projects in sight, news blogs to attract traffic.

    I have been obeying technology and speed of websites, I saw that you can give me an accessory.

    I have the confidence that one day I will have more than 25k 100k 150k of visitors in my site, for this I have to build something scalable.

    For this, I hired a WordPress site developer to assist me. however, I am not totally satisfied with the service.

    I saw that there are also good WordPress theories in terms of speed and security: Studio’s magazine pro and Writer My theme Shop were the ones I liked the most.

    I would like your help deciding what to do, as I will use this theme in other projects.

    What better theme, what have you developed for me, or the ones mentioned above?
    Can you extract more speed from my theme?
    What better server could I put my theme in, since my audience is Brazilian? I loved your articles VPS like to use them.

    My Website: http://www.gruposatec.com.br/blog/

    Thank you!!!

    1. StudioPress themes are great! Use them and then add caching plugin (like Swift Performance) and you should be very happy.

      As for which web server to use…obviously, I like my own webhosting but you may prefer a local provider in Brazil for faster DNS times. Only issue is infrastructure is not always so reliable in South America and for that reason, many of them use US datacenters.

      How much traffic do you have now?

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