VPS REVIEW – Digital Ocean vs Linode vs Vultr

Generally-speaking, Linode is better than Vultr. And Vultr is better than Digital Ocean. I’ve used Linode in 3 continents over 10 years. Used Vultr in 2 continents for only a few years. I haven’t done exact fair-comparison testing but through just firing up servers for clients using the same stack and “feeling it” (however you… Read more VPS REVIEW – Digital Ocean vs Linode vs Vultr

Should you use Critical CSS?

What is critical CSS? How does it work and when should you use it? Even better…when should critical CSS not be used? Here goes another cut-the-crap WordPress performance guide by yours truly.

SiteGround vs A2 – webhosting review

A2 and SG are comparable, more or less. Generally, SG a little stronger but then has annoying CPU usage issues. A2 got better pricing. I used to prefer SG but now probably prefer A2 out of the two. If you want a better deal, just go with WebHostFace.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting SUCKS

Yes, it sucks. I can’t believe they get away with selling it as a “premium” service. It’s the same crappy GoDaddy shared hosting service with a cleaner/simpler UI and more expensive resource limits (imitating higher-end hosting services). Don’t believe me? Let’s go over the issues…

What’s a CDN? (Content Delivery Network) And do you need it?

What’s a content delivery network and why do you need (or don’t need) it? I’ll cover the basics of what it is, how it’s used, and how it may benefit or impede your website. I also explain the difference of traditional CDN’s which were made for speed and the confusing Cloudflare service which is a… Read more What’s a CDN? (Content Delivery Network) And do you need it?

Enable GZIP for faster page loads!

Should you have GZIP compression enabled? What does it do? Why is it recommended? And are there any drawbacks? GZIP is magical for me. You should definitely enable it if you want faster page loads. It’s a no-brainer and easy to enable. (I also go over the wrong way to do it!)

Apache performance tip – switch to MPM Event!

Simple tip for anybody still running Apache servers…switch to MPM Event! What is MPM Event and how does it improve your server performance without any drawbacks? I switched to MPM Event, I loved it. And you should do it too! We’ll cover some minor basics of MPM’s and why MPM Event is the best.

Should You Trust a Small Webhosting Company?

Can you really trust a small webhost to have better PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY, SUPPORT, and SECURITY…compared to the big webhosting companies? I think many people (more now than ever) are getting fed up with their current webhosting situation. The days are almost over when all the shared hosting giants like GoDaddy, BlueHost, 1and1, DreamHost, HostGator could… Read more Should You Trust a Small Webhosting Company?

Difference between CLOUD vs VPS vs MANAGED Hosting

What’s the difference between CLOUD vs VPS vs MANAGED hosting? Yes, it’s confusing as hell! Many different services seem to use the words CLOUD, VPS, and MANAGED all interchangeably…and most people don’t know what they mean. I’ll break down their technical differences and explain how they affect your webhosting performance and pricing.

Why are MANAGED VPS Servers so Slow?

After moving nearly a dozen WordPress speed-up clients away from “managed VPS” hosting services this past month, I’ve decided it’s time to state loud and clear: MANAGED VPS sucks! It’s slow as hell and way over-priced! And don’t think I’ve haven’t tried them all! A2 MANAGED VPS sucks. ($80-160/month) InMotion MANAGED VPS sucks. ($80/month) LiquidWeb MANAGED… Read more Why are MANAGED VPS Servers so Slow?

Best CDN Providers for WordPress – Speed Review 2018

CDN’s are becoming all the rage nowadays ever since CloudFlare offered their free plan. But now, there are all kinds of micro-CDN’s popping up everywhere. Each with a different set of pricing and services. I won’t go over the differences…all I care about is speed, reliability (HIT frequency), coverage, and ease-of-use. Here’s a list of… Read more Best CDN Providers for WordPress – Speed Review 2018

EASY WordPress Security Tips WITHOUT Slowing Performance

WordPress security is becoming a much bigger issue nowadays because of its popularity. So many sites are using WordPress, with many developers building apps, themes, and extensions for it. But unfortunately this also makes it a common target for hackers. But on the flip side, there are tons of documentation and support for WordPress and… Read more EASY WordPress Security Tips WITHOUT Slowing Performance

Cloudways Managed Hosting Review (2018)

My honest thoughts on Cloudways managed hosting services! Cloudways is a premium alternative to traditional VPS or cloud hosting providers and I would say competes directly with Runcloud and Serverpilot. They’re a new-ish hosting company getting popular very quickly by both technical as well as non-technical users. Beautiful service, easy to use, with great support… Read more Cloudways Managed Hosting Review (2018)

301 Redirects to HTTPS (with and without WWW)

I’ve given examples for both “www” and also “without www”. I gave neutral code that works with any site. If you want, you could also replace “%{HTTP_HOST}%” with your domain name. I only have rewrites for Apache HTaccess right now. Add this code above the #BEGIN WordPress line in your htaccess. 

Fastest ways to load Google Analytics JS on WordPress

Load Google Analytics faster on WordPress! If you’ve ever been addicted to speed-testing your site on Pingdom/GTmetrix, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. That GA JS request lags your site costing you an extra 100ms-2seconds of load time. Below are my favorite methods to prevent the Google Analytics JS from slowing down your… Read more Fastest ways to load Google Analytics JS on WordPress