Nice things people say about me:

I was having a hard time with different VPS hosting providers.  Support (at Inmotion VPS) was horrible and almost non-existent even though I was paying high prices.  My sites were slow.  The load times were between 3-5 seconds consistently, and that was with caching plugins and CDN’s enabled. I was at the end of my rope, and then I met Johnny.

I was a little nervous at first moving to an unmanaged type of setup, but now I am glad I made the shift and have no regrets.  At the time I transitioned three live sites, and one of them was running live Facebook ads.  And yet, the move was seamless with his help.  I didn’t miss a beat.  I was blown away by how helpful he was. He went above, and beyond, and I tell you this, he has a friend for life, not just a customer.  He pretty much saved my business.  Where all the other providers failed, he delivered.

All my sites are now on his stack.  Once he optimized the themes I was using, my load times went from 3-5 seconds to under 1 second, and that was without caching. Once we stabilized, he added caching back in, and wow!  My load times dropped to under 800ms consistently for my main page and for my store it fell to 650ms.   I am completely blown away by the performance and support offered by his service.

When you need help, he is there for you when you get stuck.  If you want someone that knows what they are doing inside and out, and that can take your site to the next level, I would highly recommend Johnny.

Kevin Saitta


Johnny is a very experienced and helpful WordPress expert who increased my site speed exponentially. My webpage went from 10-13 seconds on every click down to now instantaneous, even on my phone! The site is crazy fast, holy sh*t, insane. I had no idea my site could be this fast, it’s 1000 times better.

His depth-of-knowledge is amazing (Web developer? Web guru? lol? Blogger extraordinaire?), and I feel pumped about any recommendations he makes about my blog. I’d hire Johnny in a heartbeat for anything WordPress or blogging business related. Highly recommend!

Kristin Hanes


I basically had these 2 issues slowing down my site. It is strange to let a stranger take care of my site, I felt so useless. I have seen you are very present on the fb group, and people like me are lucky to have people like you. Johnny, huge thanks for your help. I really appreciate and thank you a lot. You are amazing, man.

Steven T.


Shout out to @Johnny Nguyen for the assistance. Went above & beyond what I expected from someone very knowledgeable.

Mark A.