Be an Affiliate VS Sell Your Own Product

Should you be an affiliate or sell your own product?

  • Being that I have my own product and make a nice bit of coin on it, I can tell you it’s SOOOOO worth the effort to make your own stuff. I can bet you all the other product-creators never regretted making the effort to sell their own stuff. You keep so much of the product revenue and make so much more money.

It also depends on how much money you want to make.

  • Making $1,000 – selling an affiliate product is easier than your own.
  • Making $10,000 – selling your own product is easier than an affiliates.
  • Making $100,000 & up – I can’t see you making this much money selling an affiliate product. You’d have to sell many times as much revenue to take only a small chunk. So not worth it. And the effort you spent to be successful could as easily been spent to succeed with your own product.

If you want to make serious money, sell your own stuff. It’s that simple. And then let the affiliates work for you. 🙂

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