Can you compete in a busy niche?

Is it worth your time to establish yourself in a busy niche?

Have you ever had a good business idea but realized it was a heavily-saturated industry? How will you get attention? Is it even possible?

And even if you did go through all that work, is there any money in the pie for you?

Short answer: YES.
Long answer: keep reading…

I saw this question the other day in one of the Facebook groups, I’m in:

[Am I] Wasting Time?

Hey guys. So I am in the Weight Loss niche and I can’t help but think all these articles I’m writing are not actually going to make much difference simply because of how many other blogs/sites are out there in this massive niche.

Valid, real concern that I just feel I could spend 3-6 months doing SEO & articles and not even make page 250 on Google because of the amount of competition. Who else is in the same boat here?

My immediate thoughts:

This is probably the easiest part of your business…when you’re small and agile and can succeed by copying or learning from others mistakes.

If you think it’s hard, just wait until you become #1 in your industry and every company (even big ones with real budgets) is ripping off all your work and chasing you down.


The Art of Business

Decisions like these are what I call, “the art of business”. How do you want to be rich? You can stomp your way through the busiest market with established customers, taking everyone as prisoner. Or you can establish your own niche and reap all the rewards of being first. Either trend-setter or trend-perfecter, right?

To some degree, every niche you enter will always be a saturated niche. This is because every business has to somehow cater or make themselves relatable to existing customer needs.

Suppose you were the first company to make flying cars. Sure, you could target all people want flying cars…but you might also target car owners, airline customers, adventure-seekers.

See? No matter how small your niche may be, you’ll have to battle it out with bigger niches to really sustain yourself anyway. But that’s another topic for another time.

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