Do you REALLY need an email list? (INTERNET MARKETING)

One of the first things I learned after YEARS of making money online was that everybody was into building email lists. I had been running a business online but never knew anything about IM.

Then I went to WarriorForum and saw all this hype everywhere about how important it was to collect emails, that the email list was the most important thing. That the email list could be used for auto-responders, sales funnels, and regular pitches of offers, etc, etc.

Well anyway…I did find to the email list to be useful but it wasn’t the #1 most financially rewarding thing for me.

What’s BETTER than the email list is to build an amazing website (usually something to do with passion) that is essential to people’s lives. Something that they will check EVERY SINGLE DAY, the same way you would with your email. People were checking emails, Facebook, Youtube, and MY SITE.

And I made so much money this way because instead of having to design my site around collecting emails, I could design more around having useful content and then selling my stuff. The visitors were constantly coming back so I didn’t have to nag or beg or remind them of stuff happening. They were checking back constantly and requesting/begging me to put up new stuff. People were reading my site from school, from work, while on the toilet, while at the Apple store (AHAHAHA).

If you can get to this kind of relationship with your website visitors, it’s better than having to rely on an email list. I’m not saying email lists aren’t useful but just know that you can do better than that.

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