Everything is work!

The answer is YES!

Oh man…at first I thought it was impossible. Like making money online was some secret only others figured out. I started scheming and trying to come up with magical ideas, which were all a total waste of time.

It wasn’t until I understood making money online (or doing anything, really) AS A PROCESS, that I started making progress. Think of it as a process. You learn and learn and grow and grow until one day, you’re making the kind of money you want.

I did it without help, without ever buying a WSO or guide, or any of that crap. I simply learned many MANY skills (some useful, some not-so-useful) and kept at it. 6 years after I started, I was making passive income without having to work everyday. It’s totally possible and you will get there if you start working. You can totally pull 6 figures doing nothing. It’s possible, TRUST ME.

Working your ass off to build a residual money-making business is totally possible. It’s the other option of NOT working your ass off and making money that is totally impossible. Thinking the second option actually exists will only distract you from the path to success.

Everything is work! Even sex is work. (Getting sex is work. HAVING sex is work.) Try to look at it that way. If you’re looking at any methods or trying to do anything that is sold to you as being “LESS work”, that might not be the right way to go.

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