How do you land the big web development clients?

Have you ever dreamed of landing the big web design projects worth $10k and more?

Read on to learn how I did it.


1. Do quality work.

By “quality”, I mean that you have the BEST designs and BEST coding. End of story. If your shit isn’t good enough to be on those web design award sites, you’re far from the best and far from the top of your field.

2. Be professional.

By professional, I mean that you work hard and communicate well. Nothing else. I’m not asking for perfect grammar in your emails or that you dress up with a tie when meeting clients in person. You only need to show up and get the job done. OH!…one more thing…if you ever make any promises or give any deadlines—YOU BETTER KEEP THEM!

3. Serve your clients.

Answer their emails. Help them with small requests, or quote them for big requests. If something costs money and takes extra time, tell them you can’t do it for free. If you don’t want to do something, tell them this isn’t you area of focus/expertise and refer them to someone better. Don’t go cold or forget to reply. You want to be a constant point of contact. This builds trust.


Now just sit back and enjoy the referrals!

That’s all you had to do. Be amazing and then sit back. From this point on, you’ll almost never have to promote yourself as your current client base will do all the marketing for you. You’ll get tons of warm referrals and they’ll inherently trust you without you having to promise them anything.

No more wasting time trying to prove yourself or show them how their website will make money. Or showing them why this is needed, or why that is better. I don’t bother showing value. They see our quality of work and they pay. All large $10k deals and up were closed in 10 mins or less. It’s the $2-5k clients that ask a million questions and then go next door for someone else charging $500 less.

User experience in negotiations

The secret to selling is never about logic. Never waste your time with…

  • This costs you $10k, but makes you $50k!
  • Your competitors website is so amazing, so yours must be better!
  • Here are 10 ways a new website can help your business…

All you need to do is provide a pleasant experience…

  • Hi, my name is Johnny and our team is really talented. 
  • We do fantastic work and have lots of happy clients.
  • Check out some of our past work.
  • Then show them something REALLY REALLY SEXY!


PS: this post was inspired by a great question somebody asked in the Make Money With Web Design FB group.

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