How Do You Stay Motivated?

I do what I want. I think so many people don’t and that hurts their consistency in the long run. If you hate blogging, don’t force yourself to write. If you hate videos, don’t force yourself to get in front of a camera. Forcing yourself to do anything never works because you’ll quit in the long run and likely not be as competitive against someone who does love it. Try sticking only with tasks that you like doing and focus extra hard on that. I’ve been monetizing online for over 10 years now and that’s stood out more than most other things I’ve tried. Believe me, the excitement of making money online wears off once you actually start making it.

For those who wonder: but who gets tired of making money?

Well, some people are really in it to pile up a bunch of money. But others, like myself, just want free time or freedom to travel and work remotely, quit our jobs and that sort of stuff. And once you have enough money to stop working and travel…you’re going to start scheming how you can do even less! It’s like “yay, I don’t have to work anymore but damn…do I really have to keep writing blogs?”

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