How to Make Money With a Blog

This is MY most simple and foolproof way to plan and create an online money-making machine. If you can do this, you WILL make money. I guarantee it, I’ll bet you all my life savings on it. Do what I say and you will make money with your blog. HAHAHA!


1. Start a niche blog using WordPress!

  • preferably a niche where there is a high demand
  • also a niche where you KNOW FOR SURE that people are willing to spend money
  • a niche that YOU would spend money in (think of all the times you were cheap and what did you finally buy? be in THAT niche)
  • make a simple site. NO ADS, NO ADSENSE.
  • make sure your site uses SEO-friendly URL’s

2. Research your niche carefully!

  • look up popular websites, other blogs, forums
  • look up popular youtube channels
  • for up popular social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter) in your niche
  • find out what is popular, what people are buying, what problems people have, etc

3. Come up with 10 helpful super-informative post idea to serve your niche!

  • It’s even better if you can come up with 20 titles first
  • Don’t start writing anything yet, just come up with the titles for now

4. Research all the most commonly used keywords in your niche

  • use Google Trends, Adwords Tools, Youtube Keyword (all free)
  • if you don’t know how to do keyword research, look it up

5. Start writing your 10 or 20 super-informative posts!

  • put the keywords into the title and body content (don’t over-do it!)
  • release each post as you finish
  • share casually on other websites, community pages, etc (the links better be so damn good that it goes viral without you having to spam everyone)
  • Try to have all the posts fit into 3 or 4 categories at most. (the names of the categories should use the most common keywords in your niche)
  • Your website goal is not to be super complete and comprehensive but only to solve people’s most critical issues. (your website will appear more useful to readers if you focus it this way!)
  • Answer people’s comments right away

6. Start thinking of ideas for an ebook

  • see what others are selling and what’s popular
  • get your ideas from the feedback you get
  • ask yourself what would YOU buy?

7. Write your ebook

  • Make it solve problems for people.
  • It doesn’t have to be the best designed or best written ebook ever made. (It will take forever if you try to be perfect.)
  • Write only 50-100 pages at most.

8. Promote your ebook on your website and other websites

  • promoting it on your website can be as simple as post a banner on the top right side.
  • make a simple sales page with a soft sell. don’t try to list 100 bullet points of features.
  • The ebook WILL sell if you’ve created the super-informative posts earlier. As those will sell your ebook for you.

9. Recycle the money you get into your website design

  • once you make $200-300, then recycle it into a website design
  • you can find designers on elance or odesk
  • get a new logo

10. Start building your community

  • put more attention on your facebook page
  • be active on other websites that are related to your niche


20 posts & 1 ebook. That’s all it is. It can’t take you more than 3 months if you do nothing but this.

If you do anything more than that, you’re likely to get distracted and never finish. The sooner you follow this routine, the sooner you’ll make money. I wish I could write more to make this sound comprehensive but I don’t. The reason why 99% of internet marketers never make any money is because they focus a lot of time on all the things that don’t matter and ignore the things that do matter.

Later on, you’ll find out why this formula works so well.


Shit that doesn’t matter that much in the beginning:

  • Marketing (Logo/domain name) – nobody cares as long as you give them what they want
  • Professional appearance (writing skills/design) – nobody cares as long as you give them what they want

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