How to Market a Service or Product WITHOUT Guaranteeing Success

It’s a common thing to want to offer a service or product that fulfills a need but doesn’t guarantee happiness. You might feel like you’re not being honest or that you’re not really selling a truly useful product because it doesn’t get the customer to his end goal but the reality is, you definitely can!

Well… what you can do is focus on what YOU CAN DO. Make the guarantees about the service YOU PROVIDE. It’s a bit funny to focus on your efforts rather than the customer’s results but it does work. The customers would rather place their confidence in you than in themselves. Funny, isn’t it?

If anything, you sound more credible when you say, “Look, I can get you the best opportunity possible….I just can’t guarantee you’ll be happy in the end.” And then what you do is chop out that second part and don’t mention that at all. It does sound like a “halfway promise”…

But that’s what many businesses do anyway…halfway promises:

  • dating service – meet lots of people! (assumed but un-guaranteed promise: you’ll meet someone you like)
  • lawyers – we’ll fight for you! (assumed but un-guaranteed promise: we’ll win your case)
  • car mechanic – we’ll look at it right away! (assumed but un-guaranteed promise: we’ll fix it fast/cheap)

Talk about the parts that you can guarantee. And then use clever imagery and wording to give people the feeling and emotion of what success would feel like. And leave it in the fine print to say things like, “No guarantees on weight loss, results may vary, everyone’s results are different. Etc, etc.”

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