How to Stand Out Among other Web Designers

Yeah yeah, there’s tons of great web-designers out there. What can you do to stand out?

No need to get overwhelmed or feel like the market’s over-saturated. There’s a million web designers out there because there’s a million jobs for them out there.

There’s basically 2 ways to stand out and win web-design jobs. The “professional way” and the “personal way”. Or as I like to say…the “super-hero way” and the “real-world way”.



Get some agency experience. Or as I like to say, “work with talented professionals.

Working in a big alongside way more talented people is gonna skyrocket your skills and confidence like nothing else. Agency designers are easily 10 cuts above some loner person learning and working from home. They’ll also have more experience with more unique projects and around more interesting clients.

I guess that’s part of the secret. To have unique work, you also need interesting clients. Most clients are not interesting, they just need you to design something cheap enough within budget that’ll be “good enough to make money”. Interesting clients have more artistic goals…persuading people to donate, or sign-up, or brand awareness for a new campaign, trying to go viral, or just make their website more fun to use, etc.

You’ll never have to look for clients if you’re truly talented. If anything, the rest of your life will be that you have too much work and find it hard to turn them down. Every week, a new client appears on your doorstep with an incredible project and a masive paycheck to beg you with.



Make connections, network. Talk to a bunch of people and tell everybody you know that you do web designs. You’ll eventually run into someone who needs a website (or knows someone who needs one) and will hire you simply because you were in the right place at the right time and made a personal connection.

Nate Galloway My brand is more approachable, kinda fun and less techy. Having participated in mixer events I found a good chunk of what I’d deem “my ideal client pool” felt some bigger agencies were unapproachable solely off of their web presence. So I brand myself as capable, but approachable.



Trying to make a cool brand and cool website. I used to think this really mattered. I’d spend time making a nice website and trying to put up previous client sites in a portfolio page, and then write tidbits about the whole process. What a load of junk. Most clients really don’t care.

Most clients I’ve met sized me up in person or in Facebook message, asked me to email them a price and maybe 2-3 links of other sites I’ve done. And they hired me simply because I seemed like a nice trustworthy person. Nobody cared to ask me for my website or read about my “process”. They don’t have time for that. Not surprisingly, many of the most talented designers I know don’t even have a website. Hahahaha, they used their previous client work as their “business card”.

It’s like,

“Wanna see my work? Just go to my client’s site!”

Other clients, the ones that hired me more for my professional talent…didn’t ask me to show them anything. If anything, they were the ones messaging me all kinds of information and sites that they wanted their brand to be somewhat like.

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