How to Write Your Web Design Proposal

I saw somebody today on a FB group asking:

“How do I make a web design proposal? Should I list my skillsets? Or sell the solution? Or make a custom proposal for each customer?”

It’s not that hard, do this:

  1. Send a link to your website. Preferably with a cool catchy domain name that stands out. You should also decide if you want to represent yourself as a trustworthy 1-man/woman show, small niche team, or a high-end agency.
  2. Include links of 3-5 best websites you’ve done.
  3. Talk a little bit about why you’re the best fit for their project. List examples of similar sites you’ve done and the research you did to prove that you know how to make them stand out among their peers.

Need an example?

Hi Joe [prospective client],

My name is Billy [web developer]. We’re a high-end design shop specializing in web designs for small businesses. We love creating exciting brands that stand out in today’s cluttered internet.

We see that you’re in [this] niche and want you to know we’re very familiar with it. We’ve done something similar and familiar with what it takes to stand out, attract customers, and convert visitors to buyers.

Please see a list of our past work below:


Thanks for reading my proposal and let me know if you have any questions.

Billy the web-designer expert

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