How Unique Should Your Logo Design Be?

Just my 2 cents as a long-time professional in design, marketing, branding. Logo design is really tough when you first start out because you want so badly to design something people like.

And people will say they like this and that but in reality, they only like a new logo if it looks familiar to other logos they know (kind of like choosing who to talk to at a party where you don’t know anyone). As time passes and your brand gets stronger and more distinct, people will much more appreciate/recognize a distinct logo that doesn’t look like anything else.

So with that said…I recommend that you go totally distinct (even a little ugly) is fine. It’s always much better in the long run. Many of the biggest brands out there are not the sexiest logo but boy are they distinct. And many of the most cluttered undistinguished brands out there all have the same “trendy/sexy” look. (Think Shopify woman’s shopping sites with the same black & white minimalist vibe with the clean san-serif thin font logos.)

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