Is SEO worth it anymore?

There have been people saying that SEO isn’t worth it anymore.

  • That it’s too hard to do.
  • It’s hard to rank for smaller websites.
  • That Google algorithms are too unpredictable.
  • Costs so much more time and money than PPC.

I’ve been an SEO expert for years and every one of my website benefits highly as a result of that. I rank well for a multitude of keywords and get hundreds of thousands of FREE visits every month.

Anybody who tells you SEO isn’t worth it probably hasn’t achieved the positions before. Yes, it’s a gajillion times harder than PPC but yes, it’s worth it. I mean, who wouldn’t want all those free hits? Certain keywords can cost you $1/click with PPC but with SEO, it’s totally free.

Everyone complaining about Google being hard to predict or having algorithms that don’t support the little guys doesn’t know what they’re doing. Yes, it’s true in SOME cases, but not all. Many of my websites have not been altered for years and they still rank well. The bottom line is, if you’re going to game the system instead of doing truely organic SEO, then yes, you do risk a chance of getting downranked with each new Google update. But if you’re doing things the proper way, you’ll have no worries of that. In fact, your rankings will probably IMPROVE with each new update…which is exactly what happens to my websites. 🙂

My suggestion is to learn how to do SEO correctly and then use that to your advantage. This knowledge alone has probably saved me thousands of dollars in PPC.

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