MLM are SCAMS, not real businesses!

I absolutely hate and never recommend MLM’s (multi-level marketing, aka “pyramid schemes”). None of them last long…and a business model built around saturating your market as quick as possible is never going to last. How long would Starbucks last if they put a franchise on every corner? Any business that makes more profit from enlisting you into the business than actually selling a product or service is not a real business. And likewise….what the hell company do you think wants to ever share profit? If you had a cash-generating machine, how much percentage of it would you like to give away? So then…why do MLM’s try to give away so much commission? — that’s right, because that’s where their money comes from. It’s scam no matter how many loopholes they exploit.

Seriously! They’re not contributing any real value to the world…it’s a scam! It’s a middleman that offers no value competing against other over-priced middlemen [preying] catering to customers that have financial problems/fears instead of real customers that actually need a service/product. And the only reason they even have a product/service is to exploit a loophole by pretending they’re a real business!

2 thoughts on “MLM are SCAMS, not real businesses!

  1. I kind of feel like the whole ‘create a course’ popular in the blog world thing is similar to MLM businesses, apart from nobody owns the whole thing. But the

    Somebody creates a course telling people how to earn money by creating courses, these ‘students’ then go on to create their own courses teaching others ‘how to join in’ and do the same. The only money being made is by ‘recruiting’ new people into the game. High commissions usually and over inflated prices. Nobody earns a cent without recruiting more course makers.

    But like I say, because it’s not one organisation, it’s hard to police.

    1. YEAUP! I agree completely. All the best monetizers I know in this world are not wasting their time teaching others how to make money. They simply make it.

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