What’s a Good Word Count for Blog Posts?

How long should your blog posts be?

This question amuses me to no end. Who are you writing for? For yourself or for readers? Or for Google SEO? Or to make money?

This question is for people with a lack of drive. Here’s a different perspective…


Somebody on a FB group asked:

  • What is a good word count when you are starting out? If i challenge myself to X number of words and build on it….. thanks

My answer…

I’m a little cynical but honestly if you’re thinking that way, blogging is gonna be really hard for you. I absolutely love writing and find myself having to break off my writing into separate blog posts because that’s how carried away I am with it.

But sure, for SEO purposes and nothing else….1k words is a good start. 2-3k if you want to get on the verge of substantial content and epic posts. There’s no limit to HOW MUCH you can write. But sure, as for doing the minimum possible….1k is probably the current trend.

I meant every word of it. Legit bloggers and writers can’t stop themselves from writing. They absolutely love it. If you find yourself counting the words and counting the time as you write, you’re not gonna last long. You’ll probably give up within a year. As for the folks who can’t pry themselves from the computer, they’ll be the ones to make it past 5 years and beyond.

Try doing something you like. Or write about something you like.

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