WordPress Backup Plugins Review (UPDATED 2019)

I review different WordPress backup plugins and the many nuances I noticed about each one. There are numerous features to consider and many ways to go about it. I go over several options explaining why I like (or don’t like) each one. 


1. BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin (FREE & PAID)

My NEW favorite backup plugin! The free version can do FULL BACK-UPS (with scheduling options), and also remote-backup to S3. HELL YES! I can see why it’s popular as hell.

Many features in the free version (even things I didn’t think about). Super clean space-efficient UI (no annoying advertisements like UpDraft). Simple progress bar and helpful notes about the backup progress. No over-technical cryptic status messages or ambiguous spinning icons that make you wonder if it’s actually working. These guys are going to heaven!

  • I like that the free version also has offsite S3 backup capability.
  • Has options to slow the backup process so larger sites don’t completely lag your server.
  • Also generates XML list of plugins and content.
  • Complete feature comparisons with other popular backup plugins.
  • TIP: put the name of your site in the archive name, you’ll thank me later.

Check out BackWPup


2. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin (FREE & PAID)

I absolutely hate their free version (clunky UI and limitations), but am fully aware and respect many developers who swear by Updraft and trash BackupWordPress for “just doesn’t work, keeps spinning forever”. Many people seem to like and recommend it but it’s not for me. Updraft however is definitely the best paid plugin. Get it if you need to backup to offsite location (S3, Google Drive, DropBox, etc).

  • FREE version can backup off-site – I like it if you want a free version that backs up offsite, just beware that it can’t back up non-WP directories though!
  • Many options – has all the premium options like scheduling and exclusions and what not.
  • Granular backups – great if you like to back things up in bits and pieces. But horrible for if you just want a simple ‘back everything up’ option.
  • Can’t back-up entire root directory – not unless you pay for premium (so it misses my secret directories or files that I or clients may have placed in unconventional locations).
  • Annoying GUI – that isn’t as easy to use as BWP in my opinion.
  • Feels bloated – feels bloated to me.
  • Spammy advertisements – nags me to pay for premium.
  • Messy uninstall – leaves orphan data in database when you uninstall it (probably trying to preserve settings, etc).
  • PREMIUM is good – the paid version can do many things and works well. I have to give them that. They have the best paid backup plugin.

Check out Updraft


3. BackupWordPress (FREE)

My old favorite and easy to use! I feel BackupWordPress can be finicky especially on shared hosts where it sometimes runs out of memory but when it works, it works great.

  • Clean interface – easy to use. Very clean and simple to understand.
  • Back up database or entire directory – hooray! It can backup the entire directory and site!
  • Scheduled back-ups – daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you want.
  • Easy Excludes – choose what you DON’T want to back-up, such as huge directories, etc.
  • Premium extension – I love that it works well with the free version and if you want extra features like backing up off-site, etc…you can buy the premium version. (UPDATE: so sad, they are no longer selling it!)

Check out BackupWordPress


4. BackupBuddy

I absolutely hate it. Annoying screens and advertisements all over your dashboard. Lots of colors and unorganized design.

  • Somewhat functional – yes, it works and it’s easy to use although I have had some clients say it was unreliable.
  • Annoying UI – annoying interface that makes it appear bloated.

Check out BackupBuddy


5. WP Time Capsule

Sometimes you’re not actually wanting a long-term backup solution, but just a short-term one so you can reverse changes when something goes wrong. This is an awesome plugin that let’s you go back and forth. It’s a great “snapshot” backup plugin that lets you restore from an earlier time. Great for quick backups and restoring things when updates go wrong. Incredibly clever!

Check out WP Time Capsule


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5 thoughts on “WordPress Backup Plugins Review (UPDATED 2019)

  1. Thank you for the article.

    You recommend the plugin BackupWordPress. But he can’t backup to the cloud? For example, into dropbox.

    All backups will be stored on the hosting?

    Updraft Plus is able to save backups on a cloud (I save to Dropbox). I think it is very convenient.

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