BeyondHosting Review – REALLY BAD MANAGED VPS

Stay away! I had a big client migrated away from them.

He had 3 servers:

  • $250 (8vCPU/32GB)
  • $150 (4vCPU/16GB)
  • $150 (4vCPU/16GB)


Really slow servers. All of them were really awful. All of them were slow clock speeds and hidden CPU name in cPanel so you couldn’t see what they were running. I’ve seen even 2-4vCPU’s with Linode for only $20-40/month that easily beat their 32GB model.


Oh, you can bet we contacted support! When we complained of high CPU/memory usage:

  • first, they jacked up the server configurations to decrease the loads (by limiting performance)
  • then they argued that our site was fine
  • then they switched settings again to use memory instead of CPU, etc and etc

Keep in mind, it took many requests to get high-level support. We had to deal with several replies from LEVEL 1 tech support before it could escalate to LEVEL 3 (which is the real tech support).


Long story short…really bad hardware and bad service. Terrible inflated pricing as well! We’ve since migrated our client to a new hardware provider and opened a maintenance contract saving him hundreds of dollars while providing superior performance and service.

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