Don’t use Adsense – You’re LOSING Money!

Adsense is the WORST WAY to monetize your website. I’ve used Adsense for years (and still do on my less-developed websites) and also sell my own products.

Adsense is by far the WORST OPTION in terms of monetizing a website. Of all the banner ads you could place on your site, Adsense might be the highest paying one but overall, banner ads are an ineffective way to make money.

The same traffic that makes $200 off adsense could have easily brought you $3,000-5,000 in product sales. I’m dead serious. Think about it….Google’s Adsense commissions are based on what the keywords are worth. The more valuable the content and visitor (meaning the more likely they are about to buy), the more commission you get. Which means Google is taking a cut out of the money you would have gotten yourself had sold something yourself.

Now if you’re too busy and don’t have time to make your own product, I suggest you become an Amazon affiliate and post up products with your referral codes. I would also suggest becoming a Clickbank affiliate as well. Those would be better than using Adsense. But yes, Adsense is better than nothing.

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