Genesis vs Astra – WordPress Theme Review 2019

Sick of hearing misguided information from newbies who don’t have much experience with both.

I use both Genesis and Astra. Genesis is clearly miles ahead, way more senior developers and higher level community on it. It’s not even a fair comparison. Astra is like a kitchen table with the option to add your own chairs. Genesis is the entire house (but without furniture).

Genesis code is more complete and with better logic. On completeness alone, it will be faster as you wouldn’t have to add extra plugins (code) like you do with Astra. Not only is the framework more mature but also its community of experienced developers. That’s worth an awful lot when you’re trying to build critical production sites.

Astra is well-intended but still very new, full of bugs, and lacking things that experienced developers care about. Yes, of course, it works just fine if all you care about is an empty theme for your page builder. (It’s not hard by any means to accomplish that.)

Reasons to choose Genesis:

  • You want the most solidly-coded framework built for serious websites.
  • You like a framework that is often used, recommended, and supported by many skilled developers.
  • You want to build a SERIOUS custom site.
  • You have a serious business.

Reasons to choose Astra:

  • You want to save money and like using only free themes/plugins.
  • You like to design things yourself with a pagebuilder instead of coding from scratch.
  • You don’t mind a few bugs here and there.
  • You don’t have WooCommerce. Astra breaks a lot with WooCommerce updates. Then again, so do other themes.


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