How easy is it to make money online?

Maybe not too easy. But certainly doable and success is quite predictable.

There’s skills and then constant work and dedication.
If you can keep working on one project and believing in it and going along the dream, and not get distracted, you can make money.

Just that fact that you make the effort will push you further down the road. And once you get far enough, you’ll start making money. Never listen to the “easy money”, “overnight success” stories. Those guys have usually had many failures and much “experience” before hitting a home-run.

Take your time, do your work, you’ll get there. Keep trying, testing, experimenting, exploring. Discussing, sharing, pushing, pulling.

If you don’t know what to do. Learn from one school of thought and keep with it. Stop jumping ship every time it gets difficult. Overcoming the difficult parts is what it takes to finally be successful.

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