How to Optimize/Compress Your Website Images

Three ways to optimize/compress your images to improve WordPress load time:

  1. Open up Photoshop, export to Save-for-web, JPEG 50%.
  2. Save your image in the highest quality possible, go to ShortPixel’s online compress tool, and simply upload there.
  3. Download an image compression plugin that does it automatically from WordPress. I like ShortPixel but there are many others. They vary between free, paid, or freemium models. Again, I like ShortPixel.

A few notes about picking the right format:

  • Photographic images and product images should always be in JPEG format. Avoid PNG format if you can since it’s usually a much larger size than JPEG format. You don’t really need PNG. Many of you pick it for transparency but you could just make a JPEG with the background you want.
  • PNG’s are best for images using very few colors, but still too complicated to draw in CSS.
  • WEBP is interesting. I don’t use it but feel free to give it a shot. I think more performance gains can be found somewhere else in website optimization.

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