Ignore Tai Lopez and other MAKE-MONEY Scams

Who are you to trust an absolute stranger on the internet about making money?!

I’ll tell you why you can trust me:

  1. I’ve actually built some successful products/services over the years.
  2. I don’t want your money.
  3. I don’t have any gimmicks, only truth. (Which I admit, in and of itself does sound like a gimmick.)

Want to make money online, or even offline? Here are some basic principles…


1. Ignore bad advice.

It sucks that this has to be the first step but it is. Ignore any advice that promises you all kinds of shit and seems like “the easy way” to do it, or even “the right way” to do it. Business is an art first and foremost. Takes hard work and some soul.

How can you tell what “bad advice” looks like? Just look at Tai Lopez:

  • Bragging about his success.
  • Wants to sell his “knowledge”.
  • Acts like he’s better than you.
  • His target demographic is unsuspecting customers.

You really think he knows anything if he’s so damn willing to share it? He’s in the business of teaching, not building real businesses. Every year, a new gimmick. And do you think he’s really helping people build businesses? Or just taking advantage of newbies wanting to shortcut their way to success?

2. Offer real value.

Do you even know what real value looks like? Value is when the customer feels the money was well spent even months after they bought your product/service. It’s like that awesome car, or amazing gadget that you love. You were so happy to spend that money and in fact after buying it, you ended up buying even more or bought a better model. Value is when you much rather wish to have the item than to have the money you paid for it. No buyer’s remorse whatsoever. THAT’S what value looks like.

You know what value doesn’t look like? When you have a crappy business built on marketing promises that you have to lie to new unsuspecting customers to get the first sale. And after that first sale, they never come back.

3. Create a repeat-customer business.

Yeaup, real businesses are built on REPEAT customers who keep coming back. They buy again and again, they tell their friends, they bring you business without you having to re-market to them! This is done mostly by having value…and also by having LONGTERM VALUE.

What does it take to have longterm value? It takes an understanding of the industry and being able to pivot with time instead of always copying the latest trends (although that isn’t so bad, either). Why do most businesses go out of business? It’s because consumer trends change all the time and the businesses aren’t able to adapt quick enough (or even aware that they needed to adapt) as they were only a copycat business in the first place.

4. Have some soul in what you do.

Be passionate, be enthusiastic. Lose yourself in your craft. Imagine a madman in the basement forgetting to eat dinner because he’s so lost in his toys. Have love for what you do. Have love for others doing the same. Share and spread the joy.

What do soulless businesses do? They only care about the dollar. Their whole business is built on lying to people and taking advantage…which does work, btw. But that isn’t a real business and it isn’t as fulfilling.

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