MemberPress WordPress Membership Plugin Review – UPDATED 2018

So much has been said about this incredibly popular WordPress plugin that just about everyone should have heard about it by now. But why is it so popular and what exactly makes MemberPress the best membership plugin for WordPress right now?

Here are my top 10 reasons why MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin…


1. MemberPress is a full-featured membership plugin

It does everything. It can protect all kinds of content, from pages, to posts, to downloads. You can host exclusive content, videos, forums, and more. You can lock out sections, and show truncated bits of content to free/trial visitors. There are features for coupons, reports, email management, and more. You can accept payments through many different gateways. It integrates nicely with MailChimp, affiliate program, DRIP management, and just about anything else you could imagine. It is absolutely THE most full-featured plugin out there? Perhaps not #1 but definitely at least #2 in all the features you actually need and use.

2. MemberPress is coded clean & fast

This one is so incredibly important to me. I hate when plugins are coded in such a way that loads extra scripts and/or makes exhaustive database queries that your website slows down. It’s no fun to run a site that can’t handle thousands of visitors. Speed has a huge impact on user experience and you absolutely CANNOT afford to have a slow website for your business. MemberPress is coded beautifully and plays well with all other plugins and themes. No annoying JS conflicts or other errors on the front-end. You will have fun clicking around in the back-end because everything loads right away.

3. MemberPress is easy to use

Dare I say it, MemberPress is actually FUN to use. You can get up and running in 5 minutes. Ok, truthfully it will probably take you 30 minutes your first time but it will FEEL like 5 minutes. This is because the admin section is very intuitive. Everything is designed and placed in a logical manner. You don’t have to learn and remember HOW to use it. You simply click on what you need to do. Advanced options are neatly tucked away so as not to distract or overwhelm you. Other plugins will come with hours of instructional videos. With MemberPress, you can almost figure it out on your own if your tech-savvy enough.

4. MemberPress looks nice on the front-end

At first glance, newbie users may think of MemberPress as looking simple or plain but this is because it is un-styled. With a little bit of CSS, you can make your own beautiful design that harmonizes with your existing template. This is much better than getting a “finished” plugin right off that bat that comes with its own styling that you have to wrestle with later on down the line. MemberPress looks just fine out of the box and won’t look out of place with your custom theme.

5. MemberPress can run small or large

MemberPress can run small simple membership sites or large complicated sites. I really appreciate that MemberPress can do well with small sites that only sell a few items, as well as large sites that offer many items and memberships at varying price points. In a sense this is great because MemberPress can be used to set up a simple site and not feel like overkill, while still be flexible enough to grow with you.

6. MemberPress has extensive coupon & email integration

MemberPress has helpful coupon features that allow you to discount a product/subscription by % or flat amount as well as offering trial periods, which can then roll-over into a discounted or full-price subscription. MemberPress also allows you to segment your email lists by type of subscription level so that you can send marketing messages later to entice them into signing up for the next level membership.

7. MemberPress has a great reporting tool

In the admin section, you can see a clean and colorful chart displaying your sales per item, as well as amount of money made, all spread over a a chosen time-range. It will also break down your completed, pending, and refunded transactions in a neat manner. The reports are incredibly easy to understand and offer you all the information you want. It is so annoying to fall in love with a business tool with poorly-designed reports, MemberPress has got all bases covered.

8. MemberPress is not a plugin business

Their only focus is running a membership plugin and nothing else. You do not want a plugin company that has to provide support for a billion plugins. You are not constantly being sold on buying more plugins or more add-ons. You are also not sold on having to buy “premium support”. They are not a theme company trying to cash in on popular plugin trends.

9. MemberPress has incredible support

Have any questions? You’ll most likely get a reply the same day from a knowledgeable human being. Imagine having the security that your emails WILL be answered. I asked for help on applying CSS effects to the sales buttons, changing the transaction dates in the reports, and more. These were fairly advanced questions and I received replies almost immediately. This likely comes from the fact that their only focus is developing a membership plugin.

10. MemberPress is fairly priced

Cost should be the last thing you worry about when it comes to membership plugins because having members should make you money. And any membership plugin worth it’s cost will make that money back for you and more. In theory, you should be getting the best and most expensive plugin every time if you are serious about your business and expect it to grow. But in reality, the most expensive plugin is not always the best.

Many plugins out there either charge a small one-time fee and then take forever to answer your support requests (since they’ve already been paid) or don’t make updates as often as needed. Other plugins will price themselves expensively or price themselves by the your number of members. Pricing the membership plugin by members can ultimately become very expensive if your business takes off. And by then, it’s too much of a hassle to switch membership plugins.


Is MemberPress really the best solution for everyone?

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all but I would have to say MemberPress is really the best and closest one out there. A large part of this is due to their high quality coding and many features that are not found in other plugins. I would have to say they are the first WordPress membership plugin to mature aside from MemberMouse.

Many plugins out there are still relatively new in that the code is not yet cleaned up and can cause many conflicts. Many of them also lack key features that you would ultimately need in a membership plugin; if not today, then most definitely 6 months down the line when you are successful. In a sense, you could say many of them are not future-proof.

On the other hand, there are many membership plugins out there that have way too many features you don’t need, while still missing some key ones that you do need! This not only makes the setup process cumbersome, but also still does not future-proof your membership site, and they may even cost more.

At the current cost of MemberPress being $129/year, unless you’re only looking to make $500 or less per year, MemberPress should be your first option. You can also see why others think so, too.

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12 thoughts on “MemberPress WordPress Membership Plugin Review – UPDATED 2018

  1. I’m not new to WordPress but I am new to membership plugins. I’m waiting for a response from MemberPress on this question. I have a customer with a single site. They want to provide two different membership programs on their one site. Let’s say that one membership would be for food recipes and the other for food nutrition. Is it possible to do this with one MemberPress plugin? Thanks.

  2. A client is using Memberpress to manage an association, rather than controlling access to content. Support has been fantastic.

    As I’m now using your great posts to improve performance (thanks!), I noticed that a lot of MEPR scripts are loading on the home page unnecessarily. Are you using Swift’s Plugin Organizer to control this?

    1. Hi Kevin, WHICH scripts are you seeing? I wouldn’t be able to advise whether or not you should even dequeue them but yes, Swift’s PO can do it.

  3. Hi there! I was just wondering if ALL aspects on the front end can be translated? I use Norwegian and want everything to be in Norwegian for my members.

  4. Hi! I’m trying to create access to my free resource library page. I want the user to be able to login via a username and password they create. Is that possible with this plugin? Or does it only work for selling memberships?

  5. Thank you for this interesting review, actually I learn a lot from most of your postings 🙂 I’m currently looking for a membership plugin to use for a club, that friends of mine are funding. I need to do an evaluation and wonder, if you have compared MemberPress vs other plugins except for Membermouse, such as Ultimate Member, ProfileGrid or Membership 2 Pro regarding performance and code quality?

    1. All those other ones don’t come close. Ultimate Member and Membership 2 Pro are not in the same league, and M2Pro has got to be awful considering it comes from WPMU (one of the most laughed-at companies out there). ProfileGrid, I never heard of before you mentioned but it seems like a social networking plugin (value is in accessing other members) whereas other membership plugins are usually based around unlocked text or download content. You can check out Chris Lema’s membership plugin reviews as well.

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