Selling Ebooks vs Videos (the better info-product moneymaker?)

Some people haven’t decided between the two as a source of income. Here are some comparisons you can make for ebooks vs videos:


+ cheaper faster to make
+ can seem more valuable and personal to prospective buyers
+ can be edited to make a highlight reel
– require costly cameras, videos, lighting equipment to look professional
– harder to send to your customer whether online or offline (files are big, hosting space, transfer rates, etc)



+ doesn’t require special tools to make (just a computer)
+ can be distributed through many places (your website, amazon, etc)
+ can be rehashed and re-labelled to sell under different titles
+ can be translated to other languages easily
+ can seem more valuable (100 page ebook feels like it has more information than a 60-minute video)
+ doesn’t require you to be a good speaker or comfortable on camera
+ can be outsourced since nobody knows if it’s you who wrote it or not
– takes far more time (writing, editing, also layout if you want it to look really professional)
– can be inefficient for explaining certain types of information


Personally I would recommend for you to do both as it offers all kinds of value for your buyers.

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