Plugin Script/Asset Organizer Review

A quick rundown of the asset organizer plugins I’ve tried for WordPress.

I’ve had a ton of sites that were loading slow because of unnecessary plugins loading on certain pages. Normally, this wouldn’t matter so much as you can always cache the page but in these instances, the pages weren’t cacheable. I wanted to prevent them from loading to speed up the site so I went around trying different plugins.

Here are my quick rundowns on:

  • WP Gonzales (paid)
  • Plugin Organizer (free)
  • Plugin Load Filter (free)
  • Plugin Logic (free)
  • WP Asset CleanUp (free)
  • WordPress Assets Manager (free)


Plugin Organizer review

  • WP Gonzales (paid) – probably the best one. Organizes things by CSS and JS load rather than by plugin. This is probably more work to manage but at the same time more granular control.
  • Plugin Organizer – outdated UI and a little clumsy to work with (you’ll keep forgetting which rules should be enabled or disabled)…but it works fantastic. And the 2nd or 3rd least impact on speed. This one is great if you have many different rules for different post types.
  • Plugin Load Filter – best-designed interface and minimal speed impact. It’s a great solution for simple logic (disabling a few plugins here and there). But gets difficult to manage if you need to alter it from many pages. In that case, Plugin Organizer is better due to its grouping arrangement. Plugin Load Filter sometimes doesn’t work when you have dozens of conditional rules going back and forth.
  • Plugin Logic – too raw…great for quick and easy manual organization, but not robust enough for many pages
  • WP Asset CleanUp – hate it…sure, it reduces the script load but SLOWS DOWN YOUR SITE (I have no idea how that happens.)
  • Clearfy Optimization Plugin – does more than just plugin organizer. I think it’s overkill.
  • WordPress Assets Manager (Webcraftic) – slows your site and doesn’t quite work right. They claimed to have copied the best features from Clearfy, Asset Queue Manager, and other optimization plugins. Also ripped off many elements from Gonzales plugin. I hated it.

Things to think about

Common speed tactics

  • Just speeding up your homepage? Try disabling all unnecessary plugins from loading on it…contact forms, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Speeding up your WooCommerce store pages? Try disabling pagebuilders, contact forms, etc.

Management via plugin vs CSS/JS

  • Managing by plugin is easier and less time but managing by CSS/JS gives you more control…sometimes you only want to block a certain asset, not the entire plugin itself.

Simple rules or complicated

  • Just need to disable a few plugins on a few pages? (Speed gains.)
  • Need to disable various plugins on various pages? (Conflict resolution.)
  • Try different ones to see what fits your site best.

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