ShortPixel is the BEST Image Compression Plugin for WordPress

Yeaup, it’s still the best.

And I keep getting asked everyday by clients,

“Why?…why do you like ShortPixel so much?”


ShortPixel’s advantages – IMAGE QUALITY AND FEATURES!

I love its algorithm…LOSSY is really small and still great quality…GLOSSY is great for high quality images.

The plugin is fast, doesn’t slow down WP admin (like other image compression plugins). It also has a convenient server function where you can batch compress by FTP folder—basically allowing you to optimize all images on your server (even if they aren’t added to media library). Really nice comparison tool and easy backup/restore of originals.

And last but not least, it’s the best one of all the image compression tools I’ve tried. It consistently gets better quality at smaller size. Other tools may be ok with gradients but poor with sharp details (or vice versa), or ok with big images but poor with small (or vice versa)…but ShortPixel is great across the board.

I’m aware of new image compression plugins showing up on the market everyday to monetize on the trend but ShortPixel is still the best for me.

Try ShortPixel for free! – ShortPixel website

3 thoughts on “ShortPixel is the BEST Image Compression Plugin for WordPress

    1. ShortPixel image compression is gonna be better than Swift but yes, just use Swift one if you have pro and don’t want to spend any more money and/or fine with its image compression.

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