Should you offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on your website?

Here’s the chat script from a friend asking me this….
  • Hey! have you ever done a free consultation on your website?
  • debating on if I should put that or not on my new website
  • as a call to action i have people signing up for my newsletter. basically so I can get their email. but I have noticed a lot of people offer free consultation. this way they can talk to you, find out your needs and get your email. I am debating on that.
  • it won’t be me talking to them lol, but may be a nice way to capture people. just don’t want to get bombarded with nonsense
  • This is one of those things where it may or may not be worth your while. For my specific industry and marketing style, I find it to be a waste of time. I have a strong brand already and do not need to “get to know people”. They also do not need to “get to know me”. They see my products, and if they like it they buy it. No small talk necessary. These kinds of tactics are often used by lesser known brands and usually you get only tire-kickers this way looking to waste your time while they get as much free info as possible. Even worse, they later mark your emails as spam lowering your email delivereability rates. I absolutely do not want anybody’s email unless they really badly want to be on my list.
  • omg, true…love the way you put it…and my products are not cheap so I don’t want to waste time. decision made! hell no! lmao
  • seriously. lol. only cheap brands do that.
  • when you walk around downtown LA….every street vendor is like “hey baby, what you looking for? anything you need? come in! come in and see our stuff!”
  • and when you go to nordstrom…they just leave you the fuck alone and let you know they can bring you any specific sizes if you want.
  • hahahahahah very true. lmfao

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