SiteGround vs InMotion – Webhosting Review (UPDATED 2019)

My PERSONAL EXPERIENCE comparing SiteGround to InMotion – both their shared hosting as well as VPS hosting services.

  • People are always wondering which is better and in what ways?
  • People are also confused about why SiteGround seems to have tons of complaints yet InMotion seems to have great reviews on the internet.

Which one is better? And are the negative reviews reflective of their shared hosting or their VPS hosting?


SiteGround is better than InMotion…PERIOD!

I’ve used both. I’ve assisted dozens of clients on both. SiteGround is by far the better quality hosting service in every single way. SiteGround has better performance, better support, and just overall longterm satisfaction. InMotion is bound to piss you off at one point sooner or later. Lots of instability and random issues. SG at least owns up to their mistakes when they do happen. IM acts like everything is your fault.

People do seem confused why SiteGround seems to have many bad reviews and InMotion seems to have many great reviews. There’s also curiousity about whether the bad reviews are for their shared hosting or VPS service.

The discrepancy is easy to explain:

  • SG is more popular by far, way more clients. Therefore, more chances to get bad complaints.
  • SG’s price increase after the first year really surprises and angers people who didn’t read the fine print upon signing up.
  • SG’s users tend to be well-researched and active in the WP community and social media, and thus more chances to voice their dissatisfaction loudly.
  • SG’s users are also more tech-savvy and expect more from their webhosting.
  • IM is less popular, therefore most of their good reviews are pretty much fake ones you see on the internet or old ones.

Honestly, I consider SiteGround to be a respectable host with fair limits. InMotion, really sucks to me. Not recommended at all. Both of InMotion’s shared hosting and VPS hosting are really cheap and crappy. SiteGround’s shared hosting is priced a bit expensive compared to other hosts but not in the realm of ripoff. SiteGround’s VPS to me is overpriced and nowhere near the quality of a true VPS. SiteGround is not a true VPS provider IMO (nowhere close to traditional VPS providers like Linode, VULTR, Digital Ocean).


SiteGround shared hosting vs InMotion shared hosting


  • SG is faster. Better uptime. Better reliability. Yes, it’s true they do have CPU limits and will randomly limit your account if your sites are too bloated, too resource-heavy, or get way more traffic than your plan allows for.
  • IM is slower, lots of downtimes, random ERROR 500. They don’t have any listed CPU limits. They simply suck and will crap out a lot sooner than your SG shared hosting account will.


  • SG has much better support. Chat responds fast. Speak English well. Can fix issues quickly. Friendly helpful vibe overall.
  • IM is dismissive or defensive. They’ll try to blame the issues on you and finally push you to upgrade your plan. Of course, they upsell you in a somewhat friendly manner.


  • SG is cheaper the first year and then more expensive afterwards. The GoGeek plan is $12/month for the first year and then $35/month after that. For the difference in performance and support, SG is the much better deal to me.
  • IM is $15/month for the first year and then $17/month after that.


SiteGround VPS hosting vs InMotion VPS hosting


  • SG is not as fast as traditional VPS providers (Linode, Vultr, Digital Ocean), but they are indeed faster than their shared hosting.
  • IM VPS is quite infuriating. Not even close to the performance and reliability of a true VPS. Really slow, and tons of downtimes. You’d swear you were still on shared hosting.


  • SG support is helpful as always.
  • IM support is really awful here. Complain about your VPS performance and their solution is always for you to upgrade to a bigger VPS.


  • SG VPS pricing is definitely pricier but you actually get value out of it.
  • IM VPS pricing seems much cheaper but actually not worth it at all. With the amount downtimes and issues that you should NEVER get with a VPS, you’ll lose far more money from your business than in what you saved going with IM.

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