SiteGround Webhosting Review – UPDATED 2018

Shared hosting is back!

I bought into SiteGround as a total skeptic. I weaned myself off of shared hosting 8 years ago. But I came back because I heard great things and figured it was a lot easier to have a nice $12/month shared hosting plan with cPanel, staging, SSL, and all the little goodies than to manage my own micro-VPS at that price point. The speed, uptime, and support have been fantastic. I’m enjoying shared hosting again thanks to siteground and happy for the 10 months I’ve been with them.

Great speed, uptime, convenience, and support!

For those wondering, I have the GoGeek plan with the dedicated IP add-on. Very happy with how everything has been run. They truly are a solid and reliable webhost.

AUG 2018 UPDATE – new issues with SiteGround (if you care):

  • They now have strict resource limits that are easy to go over for bloated sites.
  • Their renewal fees are a lot…$12/month plan becomes $35/month on renewal.
  • Some people say their quality of support has dropped, I haven’t found this to be true.
  • I mainly feel they are still a quality low-tier hosting company but have raised their prices to the point of being unattractive.

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