Stop Trying to Monetize off Google Ads

It’s 2018 and I’m still surprised to see how many people are relying on this outdated tactic of generating income.

I still have clients today with heavy ad networks being punished yet again by the latest Google algorithm. Many of them have lost either 30-60% of traffic or the same amount in ad revenue. I feel bad for them and told them to move on and more money can be made elsewhere, even off ads again if they insist.

Google Adense was the thing maybe 10 years ago. Then totally died around 6 years ago. Whatever money you’re making on it now, you’ll probably make 4 times as much seeking out other methods of traffic monetization. I mean it. It’s only a matter of time before you realize how much your traffic is really worth and figure out how to capitalize on it.

I will say this, though: Google Ads is an easy way to monetize. It’s convenient as hell. Just put a little code and let it do all the work of putting relevant ads in front of your viewers.

4 thoughts on “Stop Trying to Monetize off Google Ads

  1. Hey, John!

    Hello from Russia! Your blog is great. I am impressed. Thanks for writing helpful posts.

    Please, let me one question about this topic.

    How can I monetize websites without Adsense? Maybe you mean CPA-offers?

    But CPA-offers are not suitable for all niches. Examples of poorly convertible niches: education, family and children, cooking.

    I hope for an answer. And sorry for my English, im still learning..

    P.s. Drink Vodka, be positive and good luck, my American friend =))

    Khabib is power, than Conor Mcgregor =)))

    1. Hahaha, I was betting on Khabib the entire time! I offered any friend of mine 10-to-1 odds but nobody took.

      You can easily monetize using Amazon Affiliates or other affiliate companies, or even other ad companies. I’m just saying only Google Adsense is bad, not necessarily ALL ad publisher networks (although most are awful, even worse than Adsense).

    1. Try Mediavine. I have some clients on them and very happy. But you can also find other premium networks that offer much better rates than the big companies.

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