The Secret to Helping Others

So you’re out to save the world. You’re a super-hero, creating a super-hero organization, out there to save the people who can’t save themselves. You have the time, money, and resources to do for others what they could never do for themselves. You’ve got the experience and heart to do it. I won’t be the first to tell you it doesn’t work that way.

Nobody wants to be helped. People don’t want you to do anything for them, they want to do it themselves. They want to live their lives to the fullest of THEIR ability, not yours. So if people don’t want to be helped? What is it exactly that they’re reaching out to each other for?

People want:

1. inspiration

2. support

3. appreciation


Inspiration is the most powerful want to helping others, teaching others, doing anything for other people. People don’t get inspired when you do things for them. They get inspired by watching you do it yourself. They get inspired when they see you struggle, overcome, and then succeed.

The best way to help others is to help yourself. So go out there, do things for yourself, show the world what you’re willing to struggle through to get what you want. Be an inspiration to the world. Inspiration’s what we really need.

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