Thesis Theme Review

It’s a great theme and I’m very happy with it. I’m using it on a very large site and enjoy it very much. FYI, I’m using Thesis Theme version 1.8.2. I compare some of the well-known pros and cons of ThesisTheme.


PROS of Thesis Theme:

  • SEO – this is Thesis’s main strength. It’s not 100% perfectly written but it’s solid. You won’t need the All-In-One SEO plugin if you have Thesis installed. There are many options to give you complete control of your website’s SEO.
  • Customization – sure, any theme can be customized if you hack it enough. If you don’t have much programming knowledge, your redesign will be limited. I hired a designer to build my screens and then a programmer to put convert it into a functional skin for Thesis.
  • Large Userbase – there are a large number of guides out there showing you various ways to hack and customize your installation of Thesis.
  • Fast – the organization of the theme files might be complicated but overall it’s very lightweight and fast. Your website will load quickly without all the code-bloat.


CONS of Thesis Theme:

  • Complicated – some programmers won’t enjoy using Thesis when they know already know how to program. This is the case with a theme that’s meant for the average power-user or non-coder.
  • Expensive – At $87, you figure they would have fixed some of the quirky issues with the Theme. Nonetheless, I paid it and I think it’s worth it. If you’re not a power user, you may find ThesisTheme to be over-priced. There are other great themes out there at a lower price that offer all the same SEO benefits but not the same customization benefits.


Final Tips for using ThesisTheme:

  • Disable Cache Plugins before making changes. I didn’t know this and lost many of my theme settings while trying to make changes when W3 Total Cache was enabled. It also caused my ThesisTheme to output errors. Once I figured to disable the cache plugin, everything worked great. Just remember to re-enable your cache after you’re doing making changes.


Other Great Premium WordPress Themes:

  • Headway
  • Genesis
  • Pagelines

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