Where to buy cPanel licenses

So I went around looking for places to buy cPanel licenses last night. I found different rates and different options:

  • BuycPanel.com – popular cPanel reseller. Nice site filled with many options and allows you to pay for a monthly license (instead of paying the yearly price). They will even install cPanel on your server for you free of charge!
  • Directly from cPanel themselves – it’s the most costly option because they make you pay upfront for a yearly license. I also didn’t see any options for add-ons (Litespeed, Softaculous, etc).
  • cpaneldirect.net – another popular site used by many server owners. When I tried to check out their website hung on me, so I lost patience and went elsewhere.

BuycPanel wins. I wish I went here first but anyway I bought from them and I’m happy so far.

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