Time Management Rule – Do the Important Shit First!

I’m sick of hearing people talk about time management and books and talks on time management. It really isn’t that hard. Most of you are not Fortune 500 CEO’s or running multiple booming empires.

You’re probably a [somewhat] average Joe or Susie, doing the same shit as everyone else…got a job, family, friends…and a side project or hobby. If you’ve got more than that, you’re way overloaded and there’s no “time management” tactic that’s gonna work for you because you’re stuffing too many things into such a short space. Going against the laws of physics doesn’t work.

Now if you DO have an average-ish situation, this rule will help:

Do the important shit first!

  • When you wake up, stop checking Facebook and emails.
  • When you’re in “productive mode”, stop doing the easy tasks first.

Go straight to the important shit. And once you finish that…go to the next most important TO-DO item. With this mentally, it doesn’t matter if you get everything done since the important stuff is always done first.

Here’s another tactic in the meanwhile…stop adding things to your TO-DO list! (Common habit for productive people.)

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