UNIXy Varnish review for NGINX or LiteSpeed Web Servers

Don’t waste your time. I thought they might be interesting considering all the expert advice they give on forums and marketing hype they have on their website.

  1. Slow to answer a sales email – seriously? I guess they don’t want my money.
  2. Bad reviews – read online and you’ll see plenty of complaints. Slow service for existing as well as new customers. They are not a good company to entrust your production servers to!
  3. (Probably) not faster than LiteSpeed & LScache – seriously, the amount of constant progress on LiteSpeed cache is incredible. If you want serious caching, go with LiteSpeed or even native NGINX cache. You really don’t have to deal with Varnish complexity any more.

2 thoughts on “UNIXy Varnish review for NGINX or LiteSpeed Web Servers

  1. Hi Johnny

    I’m sorry you feel this way. I went back and checked your communication with sales (see my linked screen shot). I noticed that my response to your last reply went unanswered. Perhaps you didn’t receive our reply then? I can only speculate as to what could have possibly happened (spam folder, issues with your mail server, etc).


    I’d be more than happy to make things right and get you the plugin for free if you’d like to give it a shot! We also discussed Cachoid.com. I extend my offer to try Varnish on that platform as well.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Joe, I appreciate the reply.

      From what I remember…my initial email was never replied to and forgotten. Then I wrote again a week later and you guys said it was misplaced. I saw your reply but wasn’t interested any longer. I also think there was an initial email from even months before that but can’t remember now. I’ll gladly take the plugin for free and try it when I can.

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