Video-Selfie Camera Angle (and how it affects your marketing “voice)

I’ve seen several “digital marketers” lately trying to do the talk-to-the-camera personal sales-video approach and felt they weren’t aware of how the camera angle affected their sales pitch.

I’ll cover the 3 camera angles in personal sales videos:

  • EYE-level
  • TOP-level (looking down)
  • LOW-level (looking up)

EYE-level (or chest-level)

  • Most common in professional videos and advertisements because it makes the most sense.
  • Can appear to “salesy” because it’s so common.
  • Feels very business-ey. Just you and I, direct eye contact, face-to-face at the negotiation table. It says, “I have something to tell you and I want your full attention because this is important.”

TOP-level (looking down on the person)

  • Also feels like I’m showing everything. Like, “Hey everyone! Let me show this awesome view! Let me show you my entire house! Check out this cool event and everything going on around me!”
  • You see the entire room and floor and view as the background.

LOW-level (looking up at the person)

  • Feels like I’m talking to just you, and almost like it’s a secret. “Hey buddy, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. There’s nobody else here. Nobody else can listen in on this. It’s just me and you.”
  • It’s showing the ceiling and sky as the background. You could be anywhere. Almost feels like you’re on a plane or hidden room, or hiding the camera and speaking to it in private.

Can you break the rules?

Of course you can! But now you know you’re breaking them!

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