Website Design Workflow Tips – Avoid Endless Revisions

Don’t get lost in 285123213 revisions before going live! STOP DOING THAT!

Websites are living beings. You don’t need to get it perfect on the first try. Every revision only needs to be better than the next. Then once the revision is up, you collect more data and more ideas of what to change. The best time to get ideas is when it’s live and not when it’s in mock-up. When it’s in mock-up phase, the #1 goal is to get it live.

Design-to-Development workflow:

  • Create great mock-up – nudge it around to you settle on the general style you like.
  • 3 revisions max – do the best you can with 3 revisions. All the little tweaks and fantasy requests you want, but all within 3 revisions!
  • Go live! – stop adding extra revisions, go live immediately!
  • Collect more ideas – this is the best time to get ideas when the site is being used live!

Repeat the cycle as often as you wish. You’ll find that you get way better ideas this way, faster design-development cycles, lower cost, and much less stress for all parties involved!

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