What was your first breakthrough in making money online?

The first breakthrough is creating an online presence where you don’t have to spend all your efforts getting regular traffic (creating content, advertising, self-promotion). It can be on a website (SEO), social media (VIRAL CONTENT), or Youtube (SUBSCRIBERS). For me the best way is to have such great content that it sells itself and gets shared on its own.

Once you get regular traffic, you can stop spending time trying to get people onto your site and start spending time creating products for them to buy. The other benefit is that a site that is good enough to generate views on its own will most likely do a better job at selling products than one where you spend so much time/effort/money to get people on the site and then only have one chance at selling them your product.

Learn how to create relationships with your visitors. If all you’re looking for is customers, that’s freaken hard.

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