How to Establish Your Own Voice – BLOGGING TIPS

My advice for bloggers trying to establish their own “voice”:

One of the best ways I’ve developed my own voice is to forget about grammar. Just talk out loud, and write down your words exactly the way you talk. Forget about that punctuation crap. You don’t need it. As long as people understand you and can hear a voice speaking to them when they read your writing, that’s all that matters. You’re trying to SPEAK to your readers, not write them an essay.

This isn’t to say I think you should ignore grammar. In fact, that’s easy once you’ve found your voice but perhaps tricky for new bloggers who are so busy trying to structure proper sentences and aren’t aware that they don’t write the same way they speak. Your natural speech is so full of personality. Put that down on paper and then come back around later and take care of grammar afterwards.

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