Is Building an Email List still THE BEST WAY?

The best marketing was never email. The best way was being so amazing (having such a valuable presence) that everyone has to coming back to you to look you up. But since nobody wants to do that, they do the next best thing which is much easier…and that is to spam the crap and bombard people constantly begging them for a sale.

Let me ask you this:

  • Is the WarriorForum trying to collect your email? Did they beg you to come here? Did they send you constant emails telling you to “join now or forever lose a big discount on an amazing product/service?”
  • Did Google beg you to use their search engine and email service?
  • Did Facebook spam you or beg you to use their social media platform?
  • Did Whole Foods waste their time trying to convince you they are the absolute best grocery store ever?

So sure…keep using the email list but keep your eye on the main prize…the MAIN task. Which is being so amazing that people beat a path to your door. I’m at a place where I don’t have to do any of it, and oh is it so much more fun. Instead of wasting time trying to constantly “market” myself, I’m having endless fun producing products and services. I’m dealing with customers and fans instead of potential buyers and strangers.

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