Your Job is ALWAYS to Inspire

It doesn’t matter what you do, you will ALWAYS have to inspire people. You have to inspire them to want more, to be better, to want to enjoy more in life. Inspire people to care, inspire students to learn, inspire customers to buy.


Earlier at WF, somebody said,

  • “Talentless pianists remain talentless pianists no matter how many lessons they take. Good teachers do not encourage them.”


And to that I replied:

Uhhhh…I would seriously doubt the validity of the teacher. If you cannot inspire, motivate, and enthusiastically share your passion with a student…what kind of teacher are you?

A teacher who doesn’t encourage, is like a salesman who doesn’t encourage. That’s like a salesman saying, “Hey, I’m just here to take your money…it’s not my job to encourage you to give it to me.”

Being an instructor in my offline life, I have so much passion for what I do and I’m able to teach it to anyone. Not everyone can be great, but surely everyone can improve, learn, have fun, and enjoy success with it.

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