The Modern Era of Geniuses

Maybe a prediction, maybe not. It seems to be like things are only becoming more and more definite. The rich get richer as the poor get poorer. The dumb get dumber as the smart get smarter.

I’m not gonna lie. I think we’re going to enter a whole new era of geniuses in the coming decades. Remember the Bach’s, Mozarts, Beethovens, Picasso’s, Da Vinci’s, Michaelangelo’s, Socrates, and all those other historic geniuses? I think we’re beginning to see them in our modern time.

But they’re not doing arts and crafts. No way, not in the modern world. The new world reward for genius ability is wealth. Today’s geniuses or creating mind-blowing websites and new social experiences using technology to help people connect more meaningfully than they ever had before. The new world geniuses are creating Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, edu-tainment marketing, eco-friendly industrial design, and a myriad of other new world thinking.

Fear not the future, my friends. We are being taken care of by many forward thinkers and modern-day geniuses like Steve Jobs. And the truth is, we are only getting smarter. Not the entire human race as a whole, but the outliers have been pulling quickly apart from the rest of the pack. As the masses continue to plunge further into an economic and emotional depression, geniuses continue to emerge from the hardship. It seems as though the only way to tolerate tyranic governments, inevitable economic depression, and decreasing quality of life, is to grow a passion for life. Not necessarily to get better at life, master it, or succeed at it, but to enjoy life and live more passionately. Therein lies the creation of genius.

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